High Quality is our principle!

As an accredited partner, we enthuse our customers with innovative, challenging and competitive products made of fiber-reinforced lightweight structures. The requirements for this are economic manufacturing technologies and solutions, as well as a customer and process-oriented quality management. In this way we can ensure the efficiency and performance, as well as the promotion of innovation capabilities within the company. After all, our aim is to create an added value and a solid foundation for those who invest their trust, ideas, capabilities and financial resources in our company.

Because of this, the actions of XELIS are founded on the following principles:

  • We are well aware that our products are utilized in challenging, high-end and safety-critical industries such as the aerospace, medical technology and automotive industry. Every employee is therefore aware of his responsibility for the quality of the products he manufactures or services he provides, and thus conducts his actions accordingly.
  • The timely delivery with the agreed quality is crucial for the fulfillment of our customer's expectations: Every employee contributes to the fulfillment of the customer expectations through the adherence to deadlines, time frames and quality requirements.
  • Quality defects directly influence the profitability of our company. Within the scope of his activities, every employee is obliged to recognize quality defects in products and processes, and actively participate in the formulation of a solution through constructive proposals.Like this, all employees contribute continuously to the quality assurance and the profitability of the company.
  • Our customers expect a verifiable compliance with very strict quality standards. The QM of the company is compliant with the standard EN 9100_2018, and also accommodates individual customer specifications and standards. Every employee acts and works in accordance with the guidelines and specifications of this system.


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