Significant light-weighting potentials through thermoplastics in the aviation sector

As a highly capable and long-standing partner of the global aviation industry, XELIS has become the manufacturer of choice for the provision of thermoplastic composite products using carbon and glass fibers to leading aircraft manufacturers as well as their system suppliers.

The current aircraft manufacturer’s cadence requires ever-increasing part series numbers, which have already grown into the five-digit range per year. The considerable light-weighting potential in connection with a requirement-corresponding mechanical performance, qualify thermoplastic products as the excellent components to provide significant weight savings. These progressive weight reductions will yield lower fuel consumptions and emissions, or respectively higher payloads and reduced maintenance efforts. A reduced manufacturer curb weight will enable a reduction of the overall weight or respectively facilitate a payload increase, thus lowering the operational costs for the fleet operator. In close cooperation with well-known aerospace companies, XELIS has been able to develop even more applications and lightweight design thermoplastic products, in order to provide future aircraft generations with the ability to operate even more efficiently and sustainably. The primary application areas for thermoplastic semi-finished products and components made of fiber composites are in the interior areas, whereas the utilization for structural aircraft components is also increasing rapidly

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