Composite panels products offer a high degree of flexibility

The thermoplastic laminates manufactured at the site of XELIS, also referred to as composite panel products, are manufactured with our continuous production method X-CCM® (Continuous Compression Moulding) according to the requirements and specifications of our customers.
The special characteristics of the composite laminates include their exceptional degree of flexibility regarding the stacking, the material selection options, and the range of possible surface finishes. A subsequent and repeatable forming (Hot Stamp Forming) provides unlimited adaptability options of our products. High degrees of deformation can be attained with our laminates.

Platten aus Thermoplasten

Depending on the respective function and application, it is possible to use fibers made of carbon (CFRP), glass (GFRP), aramid or basalt in combination with polymers. Our thermoplastic panels are characterized by a significant weight advantage, a very high impact strength and an extreme flexibility. Thermoplastic lightweight design laminates are corrosion and chemical resistant.
Our laminates are perfectly suitable for the subsequent processing or machining. Machining processes such as milling, drilling, sawing, water-jet processing or welding can be performed quite effortlessly.

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