Continuous, automated production of lightweight thermoplastic profiles

The requirements towards our lightweight thermoplastic products are very high. Our high-end products are in direct competition with comparable products made of steel, titanium, aluminum alloys or thermoset applications.
Our thermoplastic profiles are characterized by a significant weight advantage, a very high impact strength and an extreme flexibility. Thermoplastic lightweight profiles are corrosion and chemical resistant.

Platten aus Thermoplasten
Profile aus faserverstärktem Thermoplast
thermoplast profiles

We are able to produce U-profiles, L-profiles, T-sections, Z-profiles in a continuous and automatic manner using the X-CCM® method. Nearly any kind of cross section can be achieved with the fiber-reinforced plastics, which in turn enables the creation of highly specialized customer-specific forms. A subsequent processing in the form of cutting, sawing, milling, drilling etc. can be performed quite easily. The machined profiles can also be delivered ready-to-assemble. Our manufacturing capabilities are designed to accommodate quantities up to the six-digit area, whereas cost-effective prototypes can also be manufactured.

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