We produce composite lightweight solutions with the X-CCM® process

For more than 25 years, XELIS has been utilizing the Continuous Compression Moulding (X-CCM®) on in-house developed and designed X-CCM® machines.

During the application of this process, the customer- specified material (in form of fabric or tape) is routed through the tool with a pulling mechanism, which opens and closes cyclically. The inserted fiber composite materials are continuously transitioned into the desired form by means of high pressure and the proper temperature induction. 

Short replacement times of the tooling - through modular machine design - enables a flexible reaction to customer requests and the minimizing of downtimes. The product length is virtually unlimited, through the continuous manufacturing process.

The current X-CCM® systems from XELIS are able to achieve an output of up to 100 m/h with a consistently high quality, depending on the geometry of the manufactured component and type of polymer used. Modular system-integrated shearing, punching and depositing as well as palletizing systems can pave the way for a fully automated hight volume series production.

The X-CCM® processes and equipment of XELIS will be continuously further developed and improved.

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